Gałajdówka (120 m2, 1 floor) – Jurgów 34

Historic (1860-1870) villa related to the history of the robber Gałajda. Probably built by the brothers or sons of Gałajda. Certainly his sons lived here. The house is located on a 15 ares plot and consists of two separate apartments:

The larger one / about 65 m2 / is called “Hawrań”.

The smaller one / about 50 m2 / is called “Murań”.

The house is located 4 minutes by car from the “Hawrań” ski lift and the border crossing, as well as 10 minutes from the ski complexes: Białka and Bukowina Tatrzańska. The distance to Zakopane is 17 km.

We also provide a wooden gazebo with a grill and a parking lot for our guests. It is possible to light a bonfire or organize a sleigh ride.

A mountain stream flows by the house.