Willa wypoczynkowa w Jurgowie

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W. Skoczylas


Spisz (also known as Spiš, Zips or Szepesség) is a region in north-eastern Slovakia and south-eastern Poland (Tatra Mountains). The name Spisz is an informal designation of the territory; Spisz is not an administrative division in its own right.



View from Gałajdówka


Polish word zbójnik is not as negative as robber, bandit or highwayman. In folk legends ‘bandits’ are depicted as positive figures – defenders of exploited Highlanders. For lack of a better comparison, we can call them ‘the Robin Hoods of The Carpathians’. The most famous one is Juraj Janosik – a highwayman and a Slovakian national hero. Gałajda was the most famous bandit in the 19th century Spisz. He is a legendary figure for the people of Spisz, and to honor Gałajda a mountain glade Polana Gałajdowa was named after him.

„Gałajdówka” – The House of Gałajda was built in the second half of the nineteenth century by Gałajda’s brothers or his sons. The bandit’s sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren certainly lived here.


Historia Gałajdy - Gałajdówka jurgów

Jan Rusnak „Gałajda” (1876-1972) – Gałajda bandit grandson – our great grandfather