Gałajda could be seen flying in the air. Now he crouched down, now he jumped and crossed his legs once on the ground, now on the table, he whistled and jumped down like a feather. And when he got up, he jumped towards the innkeeper and sang:

Comfort the aisle to the room, do not stand behind the walls,

because I’m dancing with my dear Kacmareks.

“Gazeta Podhalańska” 1934, No. 5

Still alive among the inhabitants is the legend of the Jurgów robber Galajda, who lived in the first half of the 19th century. He robbed in Spisz and Zadnine Koperszady. A clearing in the Belianske Tatras was named in his honor – Polana Gałajdowa, Gałajdówka (or Polana near Muranie).

Galajda is in Spisz, next to Janosik, the leading hero of the robber myth throughout the Carpathians. His biography follows a specific pattern, from the extraordinary phenomena accompanying birth, to the betrayal of loved ones and death. /He died on September 30, 1852, killed on the farm belonging to the Berzeviczy family, located near the Tatra Mountains Matlary./

Gałajda robbed with his two brothers (perhaps also with his sons) only in the summer, in the winter he worked as a butcher in Jurgów. According to the Spiš legends, he did not kill anyone, he robbed primarily with cunning.

He was able to stop the wheel on the fulling in Białka, effortlessly brought sheep with a beak to the hideout, he was also able to lift a horse. When the gendarmes surrounded him in the inn, he broke the door together with the frame and escaped. He had yet to grab his killer’s hand and snatch it away from the collarbone. He could also lift a shepherd’s hut as a joke and put someone’s hat between logs of wood. And besides, he liked … women, music and singing.

Gałajda sang to the girls:

Nothing pleases me so much as three talents,

singing and playing and beautiful girls.

Gęśliki zbójeckie “Gazeta Podhalańska” 1934, No. 3

The houses you live in, “U Gałajdy” and “Gałajdówka”, were built in the second half of the 19th century, most likely by Gałajda’s brothers or his sons. Gałajda’s sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren certainly lived here.

We, great-great-great-grandchildren of Gałajda, have the honor to host you in the house of the Spiš robbers; hoping that you will find peace, quiet and perfect rest. After all, Galajda himself invites you to the gazdostwo….

Janosik, when Galajda arrived on a beautiful horse, shook the robber’s hand and said to him: … You have fulfilled what I ordered you, hissing, skilful, bold and wise. I need these guys! high! I accept you into my gang, now you are a robber. You will plunder after the Census, this is your landholding. And if I fail, you will replace me, because you are worthy of it, high! (“The Highlander’s Exam” from the legends of Janosik)